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Historical Trauma/Inter-Generational Trauma

  • Historical (multigenerational trauma) is trauma experienced by a specific cultural group.
  • Refers to the cumulative emotional and psychological wounding of an individual or generation caused by a traumatic experience or event.
    • Researchers have found that racial and ethnic discrimination can negatively affect health across lifetimes and generations.
    • The impact of race on health stems largely from differences in access to resources and opportunities that can hurt or enhance health.

American Indian Historical Trauma

  • Have been exposed to generations of violence, though colonization, broken treaties, removal, reservations, land loss, assimilation, displacement, racism and anti-Indian policies.
    • Example of Stressor: The Americanization of Indian Boarding Schools and the forced assimilation among Indian students.
    • Current Manifestations:
      • “High rates” of:
        • Suicide,
        • Homicide,
        • Domestic Violence,
        • Child Abuse,
        • Alcoholism and other social problems

Services Provided:

  • Culturally Appropriate Public Health Interventions
  • Community Based Participatory Research

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