How to Develop a Tribal Emergency Operations Center

Please see our new "Guidance for Developing an Indigenous Emergency Operations Center" attached as a PDF below!
This document dives into several fundamental principles for developing a Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for our Tribal Nations. It is a robust reference guide that takes an "all-hazards" approach when discussing the key elements to creating a Tribal EOC. We also placed additional attention on infectious diseases, specifically COVID-19. 
Topics include:
  • Foundational principles for EOC development
  • EOC design standards
  • Best practices for operations
  • EOC personnel and staff
  • Supplies and equipment
  • Basics of the U.S. National Incident Management System
  • Simulated preparation exercises
  • Components of an EOC response plan for COVID-19
Please note: Tribal Nations have inherent public health authorities to protect the health and well-being of their populations, per Tribal sovereignty declared in the United States Constitution. This extends to EOC operations and the responsibilities they possess during an emergency response.   

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