=Seneca Scientific Solutions - Environmental studies

Services Provided

Services Provided:

  • Health Assessment
  • Health Consultation
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Analyze/Review EIS
  • Environmental Health Services as "those services which implement environmental health policies through monitoring and control activities.
    • Food Safety
    • Safe Water
    • Vector Control

Seneca Scientific Solutions+ is dedicated to protecting populations from biological, chemical and physical hazards that may be present in the food, water and built environment.  We can also

  • Educate and motivate the public to prevent environmental hazards
  • Provide timely environmental health information in times of emergency
  • Provide assistance and information in cases of potential rabies exposures
  • Review plans and advise the public in environmentally safe construction
  • Assist in the control of disease-causing vectors
  • Review applicable local, state, tribal and national codes and regulations to protect public health

Seneca Scientific Solutions - Urban Planning, Public Health Consulting




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