Indigenous Pandemic Response Alliance

Seneca Scientific Solutions+ Partners to Provide Holistic Answers
to the COVID 19 Pandemic’s Multitude of Threats

IPRA: Trusted, Comprehensive, Experienced Single Source
for Indigenous Peoples’ Pandemic Response

As American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian COVID-19 cases soar exponentially, Tribal Leaders, health directors, public health officials and the Tribal community often face a multitude of conflicting, confusing, unreliable and expensive materials, products and services to quickly and safely address the many confronting issues during a pandemic. 

Therefore, Seneca Scientific Solutions+ is joining with outstanding, globally-respected, vetted, experienced national health preparedness leaders, Legacy Health US, & PCI Health Products; to provide a holistic, trusted, cost-effective, “one-stop shop” for rapid pandemic response equipment and consultation services.  Our group, the “Indigenous Pandemic Response Alliance” (IPRA) provides:

  • Extensive experience working successfully with Tribal Nations, native health providers, federal, state, regional, local and other pandemic-response entities.
  • Verified, FDA EUA Authorized Healgen and Biotest Serology Antibody Rapid Tests and laboratory PCR diagnostic tests with a one-day turnaround time.
  • Quality Masks, Thermometers, Gloves, Hand Sanitizers & other products authenticated for public and health professional protection.
  • Cost-effective, potentially government or insurance reimbursable products/services.
  • UVC lights, healthcare compliant cleaning supplies & other endorsed, reliable sterilization tools.
  • Licensed pharmacists, behavioral health officers, legal counsel & other certified professionals to coach, counsel, answer basic questions, manage phlebotomy and other pandemic-related services.
  • Modular and mobile medical/labs for quick deployment/operations/testing in any geography (rural, urban, etc.), through Aries Building Systems, LLC.
  • Modular and mobile housing units for healthcare workers, quarantined patients & others impacted by the pandemic, through Aries Building Systems, LLC.
  • Established, direct distribution for rapid pandemic response needs AND immediate deployment of vaccines, etc., upon availability.

As Indigenous populations face the additional, unique, burdensome aspects of the COVID 19 pandemic, Seneca Scientific Solutions+ with IPRA, provides experienced, exceptional, trusted, and holistic Native solutions to safely and quickly address any and all life challenges.  If interested, please contact Dean S. Seneca by email at [email protected] or call 716-222-1974.  We look forward to helping you through these trying times!

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